Ian Irving

Non Executive Director at Alive

Ian Irving - Irv - is a marketer and one of the founding leaders of Experiential Marketing and a specialist in live events, conferences, awards, product launches and experiential activations.

With a Marketing & Commercial Development background of over 25 years in marketing disciplines including, Experience Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Retail Insights, Advocacy & Influencer Marketing, Experiential and Branded Content, Irv has vast experience in consumer engagement and fan culture. He has been a creative strategist for the past 10 years working directly with agencies and brands helping to nail the challenges of human engagement, advocacy and fandom in a world where the consumer holds the cards and demands more from brands and organisations, delivering conferences and internal and corporate events design and production.

Irv is a creative new business specialist who works into teams to deliver the best quality outcomes for brands and audiences. Irv has been part of many teams working across all disciplines and markets, delivering proven and award winning results for brands and agencies. A proven collaborator who can pull together teams and individuals to deliver solutions in events, social media, experiential, brand development and content production.

Irv is also an experienced public speaker, speaker trainer, moderator and presenter, publisher and editor in chief of Human Magazine - Revelations in Business and Culture.

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